Christmas Decoupage Bauble

I have always loved christmas, but now that I have kids I find myself loving it from a whole different perspective. Christmas is exciting again, Santa exists, christmas trees are precious and magic is real. I have been asked by the lovely people at the Waverley Gardens shopping centre to put together three different craft activities that you can all make yourselves with the help of your children, you will find the prices and stores in Waverley Garens Shopping centre for you to purchase the items you will need in the list below. There is something here for everyone, from the very young to the older children, and those of us who has never grown up and just love to craft. For me there is nothing nicer than the feeling on christmas day of homemade decorations adorning my christmas tree and christmas table. I hope everyone loves doing these as much as I did and I would love it if you pop over to our Facebook page and post some pictures of your finished results

Merry Christmas

Mel xox



What you will need:


Foam Balls (the ones I have were around 9cm diameter but you can use whatever size you want) $2.50 (pack 4) from Fantastic Home and Gifts

PVA glue $7 from Big W

Ribbon (at least 18mm wide the one used here is 22mm wide) $2 from Fantastic Home and Gifts

Gold cord (1mm wide) $2 from Fantastic Home and Gifts

Good quality paper (I’ve used a quality Christmas wrapping paper) $2.99 from Aldi or the green glitter paper as seen in tutorial is $6.95 from Waverley Gardens Newsagency

Old paint brush

Hot glue gun $6 from The Reject Shop

Glitter (optional) $2.50 from Fantastic Home and Gifts



1. Cut your paper into small random pieces as shown. They don’t need to be perfect or any specific shape, but they can’t be too large as they will not sit flat on the ball, around the 2-3cm size is good

2. Brush your foam ball with PVA glue, I started by applying the glue to about a third of the ball


3. Apply your pieces of paper to the glue brushing over the top of each piece with more glue after you have stuck it on, this is for two reasons, firstly it helps to stick the pieces on securely and secondly it gives the ball a lovely shine once dry.


4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the whole ball is covered. Once you have covered the entire ball with paper and glue if you have decided to glitter your bauble this is where you would apply glitter, otherwise allow to dry for at least a few hours or overnight is even better (I found an upside down glass is a great place to balance the ball for drying)

5. Once your ball is dry you will need to set up and plug in your hot glue gun TIP : place a small piece of paper under your hot glue gun as when the glue is heated it will tend to start leaking out and make a sticky mess on whatever surface its resting on.

6. Place a small dob of glue on one side of your ball, place the end of your gold cord on the dob of glue and wait a few seconds for it to cool slightly then gently push on it to secure the cord.


7. Wrap the gold cord around twice then place another small dob of glue on top of the other dob securing the end in place, DO NOT CUT THE CORD.

8. Turn your ball 90 degrees and using this as your starting point for the next line, wrap the cord around twice again. Place another small dob of glue on top of the other dobs to secure this end.

9. You have the option now to leave it as is with just four gold lines on your ball and continue onto step 10 otherwise you can repeat step 8 two more times in the gaps between your other gold lines to make a total of eight gold lines around your ball see picture above

10. Once you have finished your last gold line you need to place more glue on the same spot as in the previous steps then cut another 20cm further down the cord, bring the end back around to the dob of glue and stick it on forming the loop we will use to hang your ball (as seen above).

11. Set your ball aside, we are now going to make a bow for the top to hide the glue.


12. Cut roughly 30cm of your ribbon

13. Fold it into thirds as shown


14. Pinch between your thumb and forefinger


15. Bring the end up and over the front


16. Wrap underneath, then bring around once more and secure with a small line of hot glue


17. Trim any untidy ends until your happy with the look of your bow. TIP: to stop your ribbon fraying you can apply clear nail polish or as I have done here you can use a flame to melt the ends very lightly


18. Now you can hot glue your bow on top of the ball to hide where we secured the gold cord


For information about store locations and opening times during the christmas period visit the Waverley Gardens website at

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