Magazine Christmas Tree

This is one that I remember doing as a child in primary school, an oldie but a goodie. It is a little time consuming folding all those pages, but I really think the result is worth the effort and you can taylor the colours to your theme this christmas.

I have been asked by the lovely people at the Waverley Gardens shopping centre to put together three different craft activities that you can all make yourselves with the help of your children, you will find the prices and stores in Waverley Gardens Shopping centre for you to purchase the items you will need in the list below.

Please drop by our Facebook page and post pictures of your tree when it is done, I would love to see them!!

Merry Christmas to you all

Mel xo



What you will need

Magazine (must be a monthly type magazine as the weekly ones don’t have enough pages), if you want to make varying sizes then you can also buy a smaller magazine like one of the hairdressing magazines I purchased mine from Waverley Gardens Newsagency $7.50 for the large size $5.99 for the small size

Spray Paint (optional – I have used Gold and silver however it also looks great left plain with just glitter) $3.99 from R & G $2 Plus

Spray adhesive $2.50 from R & G $2 Plus

Glitter $2.50 from R & G $2 Plus



1. Soften the spine of your magazine by opening it and pushing down on the spine from the inside of the magazine, do this as much as possible because it gives a much better end result and it makes it slightly easier to fold those last few pages


2. Fold the front cover as shown


3. Fold again as shown


4. Fold the corner that has been formed at the bottom up and under tucking it in as shown


5. Repeat steps 2-4 for every page of your magazine (first time will take a while J) and you will end up with this


6. If you are going to paint your tree this is when you do it, remembering to wear a face mask. Leave to dry for a few hours. If you are leaving plain and just glittering skip to step 7 TIP: when using spray paint you will get the most even coverage by holding the can around 20-30cm away, if you hold the can too close when spraying it can end up looking blotchy.


7. Once paint is dry spray the tree generously with spray adhesive.

8. Sprinkle glitter generously over your tree


9. Allow to dry, I would recommend that you definitely leave the adhesive to dry overnight because I found that it took this long to lose the stickiness

10. FINISHED 🙂 these look great as a table centre piece with a couple of different sizes and some Christmas baubles, flowers or tinsel around the base, and the best part is you can do them in whatever colour suits your theme!

For information about storelocations and opening times during the christmas period visit the Waverley Gardens website at

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