Reindeer Mask

I LOVE paper plate craft, there is no secret about that. I use paper plates for a lot of the large craft jobs I have to do for fetes, shopping centres and big events. They are easily available and INCREDIBLY versatile. Below you will find my version of the reindeer mask. You can make your own alterations to suit your needs, for instance if you would prefer it to be a wearable mask then simply punch a hole on either side and thread through some string…easy. This is a really great one to do with younger children as once all the cutting is done then all they need to do is glue it together, and what child doesn’t love a glue stick!?

I have been asked by the lovely people at the Waverley Gardens shopping centre to put together three different craft activities that you can all make yourselves with the help of your children, you will find the prices and stores in Waverley Gardens Shopping centre for you to purchase the items you will need in the list below.

Please drop by our Facebook page and post pictures of your mask when it is done, I would love to see them

Very Merry Christmas to you all

Mel xo



What You Need

3 paper plates, depending on the age of your child you can use large or small paper plates I used large plates purchased from Coles for $1.50 for a pack of 50

Brown crepe paper $1 from Fantastic Home & Gifts

3 pop sticks $2 from The Reject Shop

Brown paint $2.50 from The Reject Shop

Red pom pom $2 from Fantastic Home & Gifts


Glue stick $2.50 from Big W



1. Take one of your paper plates and cut it in half


2. Draw two eye holes in one half and cut them out, the other half can be kept to make ears later


3. Take your other two plates and put one hand print on each (use both hands one on each as these will be the antlers for the reindeer) set aside to dry TIP: use a paint brush to brush the paint onto the hand as this avoids too much excess paint that would make the hand prints smear


4. Rip the crepe paper into small pieces


5. Stick pieces of crepe paper onto mask


6. Cut ear shapes from spare half plate and stick crepe paper on these as well


7. Once hand prints are dry cut out as shown


8. Now it’s time to assemble our reindeer get all your pieces as shown and stick onto mask. If necessary two of the pop sticks can be used to hold the antlers upright


9. Turn over and stick on pom pom for nose



For information about store locations and opening times during the christmas period visit the Waverley Gardens website at

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