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Mothers Day Craft

One thing that I love to receive for mother’s day is handprint craft; I love to compare them to the ones I was given the year before and feel both the pride and sadness that my little ones are growing up so fast. So inspired by this I have gathered three different crafts that you … Continue reading

Gluten Free Playdough

I have been asked by the lovely mums who attend our classes for this recipe quite a few times so I thought I would publish it online, that way it’s here whenever you need it. This recipe is super quick and easy, and makes enough for my two kids to play happily, but can be doubled … Continue reading

Magazine Christmas Tree

This is one that I remember doing as a child in primary school, an oldie but a goodie. It is a little time consuming folding all those pages, but I really think the result is worth the effort and you can taylor the colours to your theme this christmas. I have been asked by the … Continue reading

Reindeer Mask

I LOVE paper plate craft, there is no secret about that. I use paper plates for a lot of the large craft jobs I have to do for fetes, shopping centres and big events. They are easily available and INCREDIBLY versatile. Below you will find my version of the reindeer mask. You can make your … Continue reading

Christmas Decoupage Bauble

I have always loved christmas, but now that I have kids I find myself loving it from a whole different perspective. Christmas is exciting again, Santa exists, christmas trees are precious and magic is real. I have been asked by the lovely people at the Waverley Gardens shopping centre to put together three different craft activities … Continue reading