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Bird Puppet

What you will need: 1 large paper plate ½ large paper plate Four feathers Stapler Coloured markers 2 goggle eyes Glue 2 small orange or yellow paper triangles Wooden skewer Instructions: 1. Fold the half paper plate into a cone to make the head 2. Fold the top of the whole paper plate into a … Continue reading


What you will need: 1 small paper plate 5 circle shaped pieces of paper (different colours) Coloured markers Glue (Optional) a hole punch and some string or fishing line Instructions: 1. Spread glue generously around the rim of the paper plate 2. Glue the circles around the edge of the plate trying to keep them … Continue reading

Cat Puppet

What you will need: 2 small paper plates one whole one cut in half (if your child is older you can also use large paper plates) 2 black circle pieces of paper the same size as your paper plates one whole one cut in half 2 goggle eyes 2 small coloured triangle pieces of paper … Continue reading


What you need: 1 craft tube 2 circular pieces of paper 2 rectangles, one the width of the tube the other smaller for the stripe down the middle Star stickers Glue Masking tape Rice Instructions 1. Place circle over one end of tube and tape on making sure tape is touching both the paper and … Continue reading

Paper plate chook

What you will need: Paper plate (large or small is fine) Yellow tissue paper 2 yellow feathers 1 red feather Orange triangle 2 goggle eyes ½ a piece of yellow A4 paper Glue Instructions: 1. Generously spread glue over the paper plate 2. Rip the tissue paper up and stick all over the plate 3. … Continue reading